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Parking permit online purchase terms

The following Terms and Conditions constitute general terms of parking permit online purchases for carparks operated by: 

EuroPark Ltd with its seat in Warsaw (00-613) at Tytusa Chałubińskiego St. 8, registered in National Corporate Register kept by District Court in Warsaw, XII Corporate Div. of National Corporate Register no. KRS 0000311556, with share capital 4.733.000,00 PLN, tax ID 9512263813.

1. Definitions

The phrases used in following Terms and Conditions mean:

  • Parking permit - fixed short term parking space rental contract;
  • EuroPark / Lessor – company EuroPark Ltd, as described above;
  • Customer  / Lessee - an adult person, a legal person or an organisation without legal entity, completing online purchase transaction; 
  • Parties - Lessor and Lessee are furtheron called Parties; 
  • Online purchase - online purchase performed through self service portal of website;
  • Rent object - a parking space;
  • Parking terms – terms and conditions of parking space use in EuroPark carparks (more details in Parking terms).


2. Object of rent

1. The Object of rent equals to 1 (one) parking space dedicated for a passenger car (vehicle's register number specified in the order) in a carpark specified in the order, further on called as Rent object. Parking is accessible for the Lessee 24/7 or during the day between 07 and 19 (details are specified on our website, in an infobox containing valid tariffs and conditions). 

2. The Lessee confirms, that he has no reservations nor complaints regarding conditon of the Rent object and its usability for parking as described in pt. 1. Moreover, the Lessee aknowledges that parking is not guarded. 

3. The use of Lessee rights, resulting from this contract depend on dutiful and timely submission of payment for pro forma invoice (up to 2 days from the order placement) and complience with Parking terms. 


3. Rent period and conditions

1. Short term parking contract is concluded for a fixed term period and bounds the Parties between the dates specified in the order form. Simultaneously, contract period is also stated in the pro forma invoice attached to the order form confirmation (min. 1 day, max. 3 months). 

2. Lessee has no right to cancel the parking space rental contract due to its short term character. 

3. Lessor has the right to cancel rental contract with immediate effect, in case Lessee is using the Rent object in a way contradictory to the contract terms (especially Parking terms) and doesn't comply to the terms after EuroPark's reminder.

4.  In case situation described in pt. 3 takes place, Lessor has the right to remove the vehicle from the carpark and Lessee has the obligation to cover the costs resulting from forced car removal. 


4. Purchase conditions and parking permit activation

1. Monthly fee for the parking permit is set up and published on EuroPark website in an infobox of each parking zone. Prices presented on the website are in gross value (incl. VAT). Zones can have different monthly fees set in the tariff list - daily (7-19) or 24/7. 

2. Self service online purchases, executed through, are based on pre-paid conditions only (pro forma invoice due up front, will be delivered for the whole period specified in the parking space rental order).  

3. Self service portal at offers permit purchases for 3 following periods

  • up to 1 month,
  • for 2 months,
  • for 3 months.

​Customers interested in obtaining parking permits for longer periods, we kindly request to contact EuroPark customer service office:

4. In case, when chosen starting date of the contract is not the 1st callendar day of that month, the value of the first contract month with be automatically recalculated and adjusted in proportion to the days left till the end of that callendar month.

5. Online permit purchases via is possible under following conditions

  1. a) Customer aknowledges and accepts the purchase conditions described above; 
  2. b) Customer accepts, that his personal data will be processed by EuroPark for self service registration purposes and execution of the rent contract; 
  3. c) Customer will pay for the pro forma invoice within 2 days from the order placement. 

6. If EuroPark doesn't register on own accounts the incoming payment for the order within 2 callendar days, the parking permit won't be activated. Submitted order will be automatically cancelled, however Customer's online profile in self serfice portal will remain active. 

7. Parking permit is activated by pro forma invoice paid on time. Permit activation equals to fixed short term parking contract conclusion between the Parties. EuroPark will confirm permit activation by sending final proper invoice to the email address specified in the order form.

8. Parking permit validity control (the right to use parking space) is based on vehicle's registration number. 


5. Lessee's rights and obligations

1. Lessee is obligated to comply with Parking terms of the chosen carpark and follow instructions given by representatives of the Lessor

2. Lessee is not allowed to make any investments (changes) to the Rent object. In case Lessee has made any changes, he is obligated to return Rent object to its initial state immediatelly. 

3. Lessee is not allowed to make the Rent object available to third party for free parking nor subrent it. 

4. Parking spaces are not assigned to certain users - Lessee can use any randomly chosen, free space available in the carpark. 


6. Privacy policy

1. Detailed information regarding personal data processing and privacy policy can be found at EuroPark page.


7. Final clauses

1. The following Terms and Conditions are valid from 01.09.2017.

2. In order to secure proper information flow, the Paries agree upon electronic correspondence exchange: 

Lessee will use self service or contact the Lessor by email:

3. In cases not regulated by the following Terms and Conditions (parking permit online purchase) Polish Civil Code will be enforced. Any disputes between the Parties resulting from the clauses listed above, will be solved by the court having jurisdiction compatible with the Lessor's seat.