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About us

Parking is easy!

EuroPark  Ltd. was founded in Poland in June 2008. EuroPark's organization is supported by 30 years of experience in providing convenient and easy parking for our customers in Scandinavia and Baltic States. We offer our services to land owners, who need help in increasing efficiency of current parking projects or for designing new ones. Our goal is to adapt our skills to fit the customers' needs and requirements.

We implement our long-term international parking management experience in our everyday work to provide a simple, convenient and affordable parking service for all stakeholders. Our uncompromised goal has always been the customer-centred attitude and continuous improvement of our service quality.

This is how we work

We organise parking in outdoor parking lots and parking houses, offering the most convenient parking solutions for our customers. We also help to organise parking on the grounds of apartment associations and near by various institutions. We consult landlords in developing their existing parking lots and planning new projects. We continuously invest in new parking lots and their development, creating simpler and easier parking solutions for everyone.

Our primary focus is on operating parking facilities and on developing customer-friendly parking services. Our business model includes also other services, for example car wash, "express parking", VIP-parking and sorting of luggage trolleys.

Our customers

We have two main customer groups - partners and parking customers:

  • Land owners (real estate owners) are our partners. These include airports, hospitals, public institutions, hotels, malls, companies, private persons etc.
  • For our parking customers, we offer short-term parking, contract parking, value cards and all kinds of other parking services