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What “cookies” are?

A cookie is data (small text file) stored on your computer or mobile phone by a website. Cookies make your online experience easier by saving your preferences while browsing. With cookies, sites can keep you signed in and give you locally relevant content.

EuroPark website uses first party cookies only. These cookies are issued by the website being visited and only the website which issued the first party cookies can read them. EuroPark doesn’t use any second– or third-party cookies (i.e used for advertising, consumer preference tracking etc).

When visiting EuroPark website, your browser will save the following two types of cookies:

  • Session cookies (temporary) are used for the short time while browsing the website. Temporary cookies preserve the user’s site preferences such as language selection etc. The session time is limited to max. 1 hour. The session is threafter deleted from our server after use.
  • Analytical cookies allow us to understand how our website is used. EuroPark uses the popular Google Analytics tool to record and measure website usage. With that information we are able to understand the behavior of our visitors better and make the user experiece more convenient. Google software helps us find out the number of individual users, country of origin and number of visits to our pages. These cookies are only used for statistical purposes and it is not possible to identify individual users (the data is anonymised).


How can the user modify or clear cookies?

By default, storing and sending cookies is invisible to you. However, you can change your web browser settings to allow you to approve or deny cookie storage requests or delete stored cookies automatically when you close the browser.

Please note, that blocking first-party cookies will disable authentification functionalities of the website and block the possibility to use the self-service.

To learn how to manage (set up, block, clear) your browser cookies, please visit: